Sometimes dreams take a long time to become reality.  I started to hear those "little tunes in my head" way back in high school, but it was years later when I knew without I doubt that I had to write songs as much as I had to breathe.  However, it takes nurturing to grow a passion, and unfortunately life and difficult choices kept that dream from growing.  In spite of making numerous trips to Nashville, buying a house there, and living in SongTown for two years, I had to head back to Maryland, kicking and screaming the whole way.

Now, after retiring from 37 years in education as a special educator and high school and middle school counselor, I am getting to write music again and am LOVING IT!  We have moved to Florida to be near my parents, but the Muse is whispering to me again and I am listening.

Although I can play guitar and sing, I have no aspirations to be an artist (even if I was MUCH younger!);  songwriting has my heart.  I feel that I am equally strong melodically and lyrically, and seek co-writers that are passionate about the craft of songwriting.  Through my roller coaster of a life and from listening to my former students and their parents, I find I have enough writing material to write a million songs, so inspiration has never been an issue for me. 

I have begun getting to Nashville more regularly again; technology is my friend (my husband Mark, a former school classmate of mine, and I reconnected through Facebook!), so I have been finding success in co-writing long distance, in addition to writing in person on my Tennessee trips.  Google Drive is great for sharing lyrics, and Facebook Messenger is almost-real time, so I am venturing back into writing with folks around the country.  

The Good Song project
Play for Publishers Workshop

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