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Sometimes dreams take a long time to become reality.  I started to hear those "little tunes in my head" way back in high school, but it was years later when I knew without I doubt that I had to write songs as much as I had to breathe.  However, it takes nurturing to grow a passion, and unfortunately life and difficult choices kept that dream from growing.  In spite of making numerous trips to Nashville, buying a house there, and living in SongTown for two years, I had to head back to Maryland, kicking and screaming the whole way.

Now, after retiring from 37 years in education as a special educator and high school and middle school counselor, I am writing music again and am LOVING IT!  We have moved to Florida to be near my parents, but the Muse is whispering to me again and I am listening.

Although I can play guitar and sing, I have no aspirations to be an artist (even if I was MUCH younger!);  songwriting has my heart.  I feel that I am equally strong melodically and lyrically, and seek co-writers that are passionate about the craft of songwriting.  Through my roller coaster of a life and from listening to my former students and their parents, I find I have enough writing material to write a million songs, so inspiration has never been an issue for me. 

Pre-pandemic, I was getting to Nashville regularly again, but then Covid shut things down and life changed for all of us.  In May 2020 my life changed again, as I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, but as it turned out, the pandemic was the perfect time for surgery, radiation, and chemo because we weren't going anywhere anyway!  

Co-writing is via Zoom these days with the help of Google Drive, so the songs are still pushing their way out! 

The Good Song project
Play for Publishers Workshop
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